Our Philosophy

At Blossom Toffee we believe in kindness and smiles, it makes the world a beautiful place to be. Our handcrafted toffee is without a doubt the best toffee you will ever experience. Made from scratch, each and every individual toffee flavor is our own homemade recipe. With over 30 flavors to choose from, it's hard to find a favorite!
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Steve and Sandy, Founders and Toffee Chefs

"This Toffee is AMAZING! I tried the wicked watermelon thinking it was a crazy combo, but WOW, it's delicious! Tried 4 flavors and loved them all!"


                         -Kristi Alestra 




"I tried and then bought the best toffee I ever had yesterday. The white chocolate cashew toffee is one of the best pieces of candy I have ever had! I can't wait to buy more. Amazing product!"


-Nichole Campbell




"Wonderful toffee! Perfect goodie gifts for the holiday season!"
-Nicole Runkle

"Like it? NO! I LOVE IT! My brother just sent me a Christmas Present and I saw a package of Cinnnamon Crunch. I thought 'hmmm I'll just have one piece, why not?' Well let me tell you, within five minutes I had an empty bag, and no one to blame, Soooo Good! I needed that! Thanks bro and thanks blossom toffee co, you really helped raise my spirits! God bless!"


                 -Allison Guerrero 




"I have never really been a fan of toffee. Hard, gets stuck in your teeth. However my hunny brought some home from work. Now we eat it religiously. He never brings home a kind I don't like, and he brings home a new kind almost every week. This is the best toffee out there."
-Leah Dominick
"Awesome flavors, soon to be the most popular toffee world wide , I guarantee it! I'm telling everyone! Perfect for Christmas."
- Chef Deanna Satterwhite

"Met Steve in Tahoe in the parking garage, no less. He told us about his company and gave us some samples. OMG. What can I say except fantastic! Love, love love it! Went to the liquor store in Tahoe where they sold it and bought some. Now I need a store in the Bay Area near where I live to carry it. I'm having withdrawals!"


       - Barbara Aguiar-Bonincontri




"My husband bought some at his softball game the other night. It was amazing! We got the peanut butter one, cookies & cream, & white chocolate crunch (best in my opinion)! The only thing I'd change is add more pecan piece to the white chocolate crunch. DEFINITELY WILL BE BUYING MORE! Thank you so much!"
                  -Samantha Farris

"By offering a new twist on a timeless classic Steve is catapulting his business into the elite category. It's always inspiring to see someone passionate about what they do. Add to that the creative mastermind of flavor creations and you have the makings of a truly mind blowing experience."


               -Aaron Heriot 



"Ran into you at Auto Nation at the Dodge dealership and bought 3 bags-BEST toffee ever! Shared with my whole family, watched your Good Day Sacramento segment and we all fell in love your story! Will be looking for you soon to get more!"


-Stacey Rogers


"I tried the Reese's peanut butter cup toffee and it was amaaaaazing! This toffee does not stick to your teeth. You can really taste the quality. Steve is such a kind and friendly person. Stop by Blossom Toffee and support this business!"


-Sasha Hamm




"I love this stuff, got my first taste at a baseball game and it was yummmmmmmmy. If you haven't tried it yet I would soon. To good to pass up."


-Sharon Lee Bitterman


A Few Kind Words